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The most common dishwasher repair in the appliance industry is drain pump replacement. When your dishwasher stops draining the water then more than likely you have a bad drain pump. On rare occasions the no drain problem can also mean you have a bad control board. If for some reason you do not hear any buzzing coming from the drain pump then you can guess it is definitely your computer control board that is faulty. Now if you are not 100% sure then it is best to call appliance experts to help you with the diagnosis.

The reason for this is because most stores that sell appliance parts will not offer a refund on electrical replacement parts. Most of these boards are over $200 so it is best not to order one unless you are certain that this is causing the no drain issue.

If You Hear the Drain Pump Running But Not Draining

If the dishwasher drain pump is making a humming noise but the water does not drain then you can narrow the problem to this part. In this case what you want to do is remove you machines lower front panel in order to get access to the drain pump. This process is very similar to the washer repair tutorial we have published on our site Once you have gained access remove the drain hose from the pump and visually inspect the inside of the motor. If you find any objects stuck then remove them and re-assemble the water pump and re attach the hose.
After you have installed the part then start the dishwasher and see if it drains. If it does then you have solved to original problem, if it is still experiencing issues then it is time to order a new oem part.

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