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At Titan Appliance we repair all washing machines that you find in your typical home
These brands range from LG, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Samsung and many more. Even though
a lot of these washers are heavy duty they still have regular problems like no drain
or no spin. This is why it is good to always make sure you don’t over load the machine
or keep junk in your pockets.

Washing Machine No Drain

When a washing machine is not draining this could mean something is stuck inside the drain pump.
You can remove the front cover to your appliance with a Phillips screw driver by removing the front
facing bolts at the bottom. Once you remove the front panel then you will spot the pump at the bottom.
You can unscrew the pump cover by twisting the cap counter clockwise. After you have opened the water pump then
look inside to see if there is anything stuck inside the propeller. Sometimes you will have to stick a screw driver in there
to clear the pathway. If there is debri then clean it out and put your washing machine back together and try to run the appliance once again.
If this does not solve the problem and you hear humming noise from the drain pump then you will need to replace the pump.
Titan Appliance Repair does offer washer repair just in case you do not feel like performing the repair so pick up the phone if this is the case.
We offer washer repair Los Angeles and all surrounding cities within the county.

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