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Titan Appliance Repair offers repair on all home refrigerators including some commercial brands.
These days many of these kitchen fridges are more advanced than our own phones. Many models have wifi connection in order to keep updating the temperature inside. Yes we also think this is crazy but when you need refrigerator repair on one of these of course you won’t do it on your own. Unless you are some kind of rocket scientist or a certified Technician then you will definitely run into problems. Don’t worry we are here to help you with you any issues you might be having.

Refrigerator not cooling

If you wake up in the morning to a puddle of water next your fridge then more thank likely there is a repair that will need to be done. We use state of the art equipment to diagnose issues like these so we can pinpoint the problem right away. We realize our local customers will not have access to these tools so here is some tips to help you out.

First you want to open up your Freezer to check if there is any ice forming at the back. If there is then you have a very bad defrost problem.
With defrost problems the most common issues are:

  1. a bad defrost Thermostat
  2. broken or fried Heating element
  3. a leak in you evaporator coil

After you figure out which part you need then you can go to to order your parts. If you need help with your washing machine repair then call us at (877) 976-7292

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